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A systematic trading based asset manager with fully automated probability-based investment decisions.

A quantitative trading system

...designed to be profitable even in falling markets

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The Company

Stage Investsoftware GmbH is an Austrian company that offers software solutions to private and institutional investors to automate and optimize the trading of financial products on their individual broker accounts.

Our software generates signals to buy and sell stocks and futures. Sophisticated algorithms, developed for stability and profit maximization continuously screen the market and select opportunities to be traded.

STAGEiNVEST can also offer tailor made software solutions for institutional investors, e.g. focus on high dividend shares or a sustainability portfolio. We can also individually back-test your desired portfolio.

Using STAGEiNVEST takes much less time and way easier than manual trading on the market.

Investment services are solely provided by STAGEiNVEST GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Stage Investsoftware GmbH as a contractually bound intermediary pursuant to Section 36 WAG 2018 exclusively for the account and in the name of the investment firm Omicron Investment Management GmbH Opernring 1, E/520 1010 Vienna.

STAGEiNVEST GmbH provides investment services relating to investment brokerage and investment advice on financial instruments, as a contractually boundintermediary pursuant to Section 36 WAG 2018 exclusively for the account and in the name of the securities company Omicron Investment Management GmbH Opernring 1, E/520 1010 Vienna. The latter is liable for the actions and omissions of STAGEiNVEST GmbH asits vicarious agent pursuant to § 1313a ABGB.

As a contractually bound intermediary, STAGEiNVEST GmbH is registered in the public register of the Financial Market Authority, represented by managing director Mag. Richard Rella only. Consultations in the investment area are exclusively carried out by the representative of STAGEiNVEST GmbH, Mag. Richard Rella.

We are
as the management personally at your service

Richard Rella

Managing Partner Private Clients



Kerstin Perdacher

Managing Director Operations

Michael Plechaty

Partner International BD

the shareholders

Roland Perdacher


Jörg Six


Georg Kümmel


Chris Choukér


In the media

Stability for the portfolio

Rather low risk than maximum performance: This is the motto of STAGEiNVEST's fully automated trading system. This approach is interesting not only for private investors but also for foundations.

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Christian Pabst on n-tv Austria in „Die Meinungsmacher - TopTalk 100. Die 100 außergewöhnlichsten Unternehmer & Unternehmen im persönlichen Talk mit Senator hc Jürgen Peindl“.

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„Investors want performance, but also security“

Performance is good and even better with less risk, knows Richard Rella, Managing Partner of STAGEiNVEST. His fully automated trading system wants to offer exactly that.

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Navigating volatile markets with algorithms

The trend is your friend: STAGEiNVEST has perfected this stock market wisdom with a new, fully automated trading system. The software is supposed to recognize the trend before it is there.

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„Stock ratio already slightly increased again“

Sit out or get out? That is what many investors are asking themselves in view of the current situation. The automatic trading system of STAGEiNVEST increased the share ratio somewhat, says managing director Christian Pabst.

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„Drilling the stock market“

Identifying the wave early: STAGEiNVEST wants to outperform the stock markets with a novel, fully automated trading system. Especially exciting: The underlying idea comes from the oil industry.

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„It's all about recognizing the wave very early.“

With Big Data to Big Money: Michael Plechaty, co-owner of STAGEiNVEST, about probabilities, waves and risk minimization on the stock markets.

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Automated trading

Florian Koschat and Michael Plechaty about the automated trading system of STAGEiNVEST, how it works, how it all started and what STAGEiNVEST wants.

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